FOUR GRIT helps to improve
the user experience by quantifying
& analyzing the data.

helps to
improve the
user experience
by quantifying
& analyzing
the data.

Our technology makes UX design as 'common sense'. Using data and data visualization,
we give our clients the tools to make meaningful changes to web design. Moreover, our technology provides data
that can be interpreted and manipulated intuitively with ambiguous user experience (UX) information.
Our goal is to make UX easy for everyone and help users to provide more convenient services.

We take ambiguity in UX
and bring clarity back to you.

Main Business Areas

FOUR GRIT offers services specialized in Big Data and Machine Learning. We will endeavor to provide you better services.

UX Big Data
Automatic service monitoring

Development and operation all-in-one UX data service, which is the integration of UX analysis and digital governance platform.

UX Big Data Analysis
Based on AI

Development and operation of automatic UX Big Data analysis based on artificial intelligence.

Automatic diagnosis and
monitoring of online business

Development and operation of online business quality management service which can automatically diagnose and manage quality on Digital Touch point.

Our Service

We visualize and provide UX data of web & mobile services.

No more ambiguous UX improvements!
Improve UX by analyzing the data.

Beusable analyzes user behavior in service based on data and provides it as visual information that is easy to understand. Get a glimpse of what users are happy with, where they are difficult, and how to improve the service!


*Supports desktop, tablet, phone devices

Show user interactions on webpage in real time.

Beusably provides innovatively visualized heatmaps on real websites.You can easily uncover solutions to increase conversion rates by exploring a webpage as users did.


*Supports desktop, tablet, phone devices

Our Clients

FOUR GRIT is trusted by the leading data-driven UX companies.

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