We gathered together with grit.
passionate and perseverance to achieve goals


We are what we called,
Four Grit

Grit is the ability to demonstrate passion and perseverance towards a goal despite being confronted by obstacles and distractions.

1. Looking together in the same direction

There are big differences between blindly going forward and moving forward towards a set goal. In Four Grit we all look in the same direction and take a step together.

2. Move forward without fear

We go without fear to achieve our goals. Fear and hesitation are just obstacles to meeting the goals.

3. Fail Fast

Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast. We share the lessons from the experience to succeed sooner.

4. Solving the problems with responsibility

The ability to solve a given problem with responsibility is important. Every task we do should be ours rather than each individual’s.

I strive to make a better working environment
and organicational culture for 4Griter
Jungyoon Chun, PX
We strive to make a world
where everyone can analyze data easily.
Inho Jung, DX
We view ‘user experience’ from a technical perspective,
and make improvements
with data-based decision making.
Jiyun Eom, UX
We contribute to making a website
that is equally accessible to everyone.
Sora Jang, AX
We visualize the various form of data
for efficacious UX data analysis.
Junghyun Song, VX
We are the Beusable solution experts
for a positive customer experience.
Gayoung Ham, CX
We are Four Griters.

Jungyoon Chun

Jiyun Eom

Inho Jung

Suyeon Hong

Hyeongook Oh

Sora Jang

Gyungae Choi

Junghyun Song

Dana Jeon

Sohyun Yoon

Gayeong Ham

Taejoon Park

Jessica Kowalk

Jeongmin Son

Dohyeon An

Saetbyeol Lee

Minhee Park

Jieun Kim